Free Sample of You Don’t Know Nana

To read a free sample of You Don’t Know Nana, as well as places to purchase, please click the link below: You Don’t Know Nana by Alyssa Belfiglio Nana’s granddaughters are surrounding her bedside. But before Nana passes, she has last words and a parting gift for each of them. Though, some of these offerings seem nicer than others, and none are inconsequential… BRINKLEY is a mother to two young daughters and the wife of a pragmatic and successful realtor. Everyone agrees she lives a charmed life. Then again, no one knows about her sleepless nights. ELIZABETH is a self-assured accountant engaged…

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the wisdom of deep time

I went camping in a place with canyons and rock formations, emerald pools and birds of prey. This place is millions of years old, and when I was there, there were many moments when it felt as though I had entered a different realm. The environment, the hikes, the experience of camping during the off-season, when visitors are more reluctant to deal with the harsh realities of the winter’s cold – it all transported me from the trappings of my own ego and modern life, into a place where I was insignificant, and yet allowed to enter. It transported me…

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You can read words on a page and be transported to another time and place … but my favorite kinds of stories are the ones that take me back to the essence of myself. The books that make me realize someone else has survived my fears, dreamed my dreams, has felt my insecurities and still learned how to laugh with life’s joys and pains. In a world full of filters, it’s nice to have someone tell a story through the black and white words on a page, because in order to make a good story, the human condition can’t be…

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