Free Sample of You Don’t Know Nana

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You Don’t Know Nana by Alyssa Belfiglio

Nana’s granddaughters are surrounding her bedside.

But before Nana passes, she has last words and a parting gift for each of them. Though, some of these offerings seem nicer than others, and none are inconsequential…

BRINKLEY is a mother to two young daughters and the wife of a pragmatic and successful realtor. Everyone agrees she lives a charmed life. Then again, no one knows about her sleepless nights.

ELIZABETH is a self-assured accountant engaged to the man of her dreams: an eccentric, up-and-coming novelist who happens to come from a powerful, wealthy family. She is planning a wedding dreams are made of, so why is she starting to feel she’s trapped in a nightmare?

AVERY is a bartender in Philadelphia with a complex past and unrealized future. She has a lot of questions after Nana’s passing, but can’t seem to find answers – maybe because her mind keeps dragging her to places she doesn’t want to revisit.

As the sisters grapple with their grief, long-held secrets surface from an estranged family member about Nana and the life she once lived. Each sister reckons with a new perspective of herself, her family, and the understanding that things are never quite as they seem.

Hope you enjoy 😉

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